Domov Britanska mednarodna šola v Ljubljani

Britanska mednarodna šola v Ljubljani

Our school currently has 70 students aged 3 to 18 from more than 40 countries. About half of our students are Slovenian; others represent countries from Norway to Australia and from USA to Japan. All subjects except Slovene are taught in English by a team of 38 full- and part-time teachers and assistants, mostly English native speakers or bilingual.

Kontaktni podatki in uporabne informacije:

Naslov: 92 Cesta 24. junija, Ljubljana Črnuče, Slovenija
Kontaktna oseba: Tina Troha
Funkcija: svetovalna služba
Uradne ure: vsak dan od 8.00 do 14.00
Telefon: svetovalna služba: 040 618 356
Spletna stran:
  • Cambridge International Examinations IGCSE & A-Level (v angleškem jeziku)

JedilnicaŠolska jedilnica: Da
KnjižnicaŠolska knjižnica: Da
Posebnost šolePosebnost šole: Poučevanje po angleškem učnem načrtu, individualiziran pristop k učenju, več učiteljeve pozornosti. Šolo obiskujejo učenci iz več kot 40 različnih držav.
Wi-fiBrezplačen Wi-Fi: Da
Učbeniški skladUčbeniški sklad: Ne
Učbeniški skladŠolski sejem rabljenih učbenikov: Ne
Organiziran avtobusni prevozOrganiziran avtobusni prevoz: Ne
Elektronska redovalnicaElektronska redovalnica: Da
Šolska telovadnicaŠolska telovadnica: Ne
TutorTutorstvo: Ne
KodeksOblacenja.pngKodeks oblačenja: Ne
Fotokopirec.pngFotokopirnica: Ne
GarderobneOmarce.pngGarderobne omarice: Ne
Tuji jezikiTuji jeziki: francoščina
Možnost izmenjaveMožnost izmenjave: /
Izbirni predmetiIzbirni predmeti: V 1. in 2. letniku so na voljo: zgodovina, glasba, geografija, umetnost in oblikovanje, računalništvo, globalne perspektive, francoščina in nemščina. V 3. in 4. letniku imajo dijaki izključno izbirne predmete (izberejo 4), na voljo so: matematika, geografija, psihologija, angl. literatura, angl. jezik, kemija, ekonomija, glasba, biologija, umetnost in oblikovanje, poslovne vede, računalništvo in fizika.
Šolski krožkiŠolski krožki: košarka, floorball, tekaški klub, aerobika, kreativno pisanje, ples, produkcija elektronske glasbe, podjetništvo, matematika v francoskem jeziku, MEPI (mednarodno pisanje za mlade), MUN (Model United Nations), fizika in astronomija, znanstveni krožek, šah, kuharski krožek
Šolske ekskurzijeŠolske ekskurzije: 3x letno poteka šola v naravi v Sloveniji (Adventure Days); ekskurzije v tujino so v sklopu mednarodnih šolskih tekmovanj
MaturaŠtevilo vseh dijakov: 70
MaturaUspeh šole na maturi 2022/23: 30% dijakov je pri vseh predmetih dobilo oceni A* ali A (britansko povprečje je 24%); 15% dijakov je pri vseh izpitih dobilo ceno A* (britansko povprečje je 8%); 85% dijakov je pri vseh predmetih dobilo ocene A*-C
MaturaŠtevilo maturantov v 2022/23:
MaturaŠtevilo maturantov, ki so nadaljevali šolanje (na fakulteti, visoki ali višji šoli):

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Na svoji spletni strani Britanska mednarodna šola v Ljubljani so zapisali:

“BISL exists to promote learning and its prime responsibility is to its learners.

– Its learners can expect learning and teaching of the very best quality, along with a genuine interest in them as individuals.

– We will emphasise the education of the whole, international-minded person over intensive cramming for hollow exam success. We will not allow BISL to be an academic hot-house.

– Everyone in the BISL community can expect to be treated honestly, fairly and with respect by all. This is a professional workplace free of prejudice, discrimination, politics, self-interest and intimidation. We believe that self-discipline is better than punishment, but we will be firm with those who compromise others’ learning or well-being by their attitude or actions.

– We will provide competitive situations when we are convinced of the educational benefit of this approach for the particular child.

– We will celebrate our learners’ achievements and increase freedoms and responsibilities for those young people who earn our trust.

– We will encourage our students to take calculated risks, aim high and learn from their mistakes, since failure is a vital part of the learning process.

– We take a pride in developing our own learning resources for class use and for supporting study outside the classroom – particularly online.

– Healthy eating is actively encouraged. We do not supply sugary drinks or chemical-laden snacks to our students. Owing to some children’s severe allergies, we are a no-peanuts school.

– A feature of our approach is the Daily Review, which helps to consolidate the day’s learning in the student’s mind before leaving for home and aims to pinpoint potential gaps before they cause problems.

– We ask much of our Upper School students in assuming a leadership role in our school community: they should be people the younger students can look up to and respect.

– Taking pride in one’s appearance is an important life skill. Our students wear a smart school uniform, available online from a specialist supplier. Upper School students have more choice of dress, within guidelines, reflecting their greater responsibility.

– We do our utmost to identify and meet the needs of those students who need additional support or special approaches to learning, whether academic, social or physical.

– We will keep in touch with our alumni after they leave us and will continue to provide support where it is needed.

– We will always remain an apolitical organisation. Our focus is purely professional and we will neither become involved with local or national political parties, nor allow internal politics and personal agendas to distract us from keeping the children’s learning at the centre of our operations.”